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From the makeup you put on to the clothing you wear you are branding yourself. Do you know what you are saying?

7 mentoring lessons I learned as a Made Coach for MTV

No matter your profession, at some point along the way, your role is to coach. You might be tempted to think it’s just the other person who is growing. But, I’ve discovered the process changes me for the better, too. In one of my more visible coaching positions, I learned a few valuable lessons that help me mentor more effectively today. I was a Made Coach on MTV’s Made. It was a 6-week experiment in motivation that had a real start, end and result–visible still today. For those unfamiliar, Made takes a teenager with a dream and pairs them with a coach who can help them achieve it. more »

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If The Bachelor was a pageant …

Seeing the shortcomings in others is often easier than seeing them in ourselves. And that makes The Bachelor the perfect lens through which to recognize those pieces of ourselves we may be tempted to pull out come pageant time that really do hurt our chances of winning. And, more than that hurt our chances of growing through the experience. more »

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Pretty is as pretty does

Pretty is as pretty does. How many times did your mother tell you this growing up? Well, it turns out that it’s true. Have you ever seen a gorgeous person who opened his or her mouth and spewed out venom that made you completely change your mind? Apparently so have the subjects studied by Gary W. Lewandowski and his team of researchers at the Monmouth University. more »

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