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What if your devil’s advocate is necessary to your humanity?

We take in more information in a day than someone in the 1800s may have heard in a lifetime. Yet, our exposure to diverse opinion is shrinking. Why? Because we completely customize any and all content we come in contact with–from our news, to our social media, to our entertainment. I believe this hyper-tailoring is at the expense of the expansive understanding necessary to our humanity. more »

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5 easy work habits for Millenials to win the hearts of Gen X co-workers

It’s no secret Millenials work differently from Gen Xers who work differently from Boomers before them. Differences aside, everyone can agree that multiple perspectives strengthen teams, and as a result, your work product. I liken high performance teams to trapeze artists. You really have to trust the person swinging toward you to catch you when you jump off the platform. You have to perfect working in sync to create a masterful performance worth being noticed. And, the more daring and awesome the endeavor, the more trust you need. So how can we build the trust great teams need? By paying attention to the little details in the way we work. If you’re a Millenial working with a bunch of Gen X peers, there are some little things that matter that may seem too tiny to care about. more »

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